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Romans Cream - $10.00

Roman's Cream advanced formula speeds the skin's natural renewal process, softening skin and controlling unsightly callus build-up. The formula penetrates deep into thickened, hardened skin on the soles and heels, bringing new health and comfort to damaged feet.


Biofreeze - $12.00

Don't let arthritis; back pain, and everyday aches and pains slow you down! Biofreeze is a unique, pain reliever containing ILEX, an herbal extract and 100% natural menthol. The result is a fast-acting, deep penetrating, long-lasting pain reliever. Biofreeze is greaseless, stainless, and with no lingering odor. Relieves pain associated with muscle aches, back pain, arthritis, painful joints, and hip, shoulder and neck stiffness.


Diabetic Socks - $11.00

The TheraSock SmartKnit Seamless Sock is a truly seam-free, ultra-smooth sock with no pressure points or circulation restrictions. Core spun yarns allow for greater stretch and rebound for the best fit possible. To control wetness, moisture-wicking specialty fibers and bacteria inhibiting. help maintain a dry, healthy foot environment. Great for diabetics, those with swollen feet, ankles, and circulatory problems.


Toe Spacers - $10.00 (6 pack)

Helpful for relieving painful hammertoes and corns. Designed to fit comfortably between the toes to allow for protection on top toes or below. They gently cushion, separate and align irritated or crooked toes. Helps to reduce pressure and friction on toes.


Orthotics - $10.00 to 45.00 (non-custom) - $300.00 (custom * these must be ordered)

A conformed insert designed to customize to your feet for personalized comfort and protection. Highly recommended for those with diabetes and arthritis. These orthotics feature a metatarsal to reduce stress and impact on the ball of the foot. The technologically advanced Lynco cover absorbs impact and provides unsurpassed cushioning.


Tube Foam - $2 (per tube)

Pedi-Foam Sleeves are soft, breathable foam-lined sleeves with seamless tubular fabric for comfort and coolness. Offer immediate relief from the friction that causes painful corns and irritation between toes.

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